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Coman Le Magnifique: Post Match Awards

In a match where Bayern so dominated their opponent, it can be difficult to pick just four players who deserve a spot on the awards. Feel free to submit your nominations in the comments section

Lennart Preiss/Getty Images

Tip Of The Cap: Franck Ribery. King Franck was a beast on the left side of the pitch. He may not have the blazing speed he once did, but his technical prowess and his tenacity on the ball are still world class. Anyone who thought that his time with Bayern would likely be coming to an end (guilty as charged...) were served notice that rumors of his demise have been greatly exaggerated. it wasn't his best game from a finishing standpoint, although he had a thunderous volley that rightly should have been a goal, but his skill of attack led to two yellow cards for Bremen, a testament to how much they feared and respected his ability.

Golf Clap: Thomas Muller. Ho hum, another brace for Thomas Muller. He managed to "poach" two goals...*yawn*. I'm sure Bayern fans are sick of hearing the same tired talking point when people refer to Thomas Muller's skill set. If he was really just lucky, then this type of performance and scoreline wouldn't keep happening with maddening regularity. He has turned "poaching" into an art form. His positioning and awareness of where rebounds, deflections and other seemingly random ball strikes are going to be is beyond sheer luck. It is an incredible skill that he has cultivated and was on full display today against Werder Bremen.

Standing Ovation: Thiago Alcantara. The often overlooked midfield maestro this season may be the most under appreciated player on Bayern Munich's squad. It's easy to appreciate his two goals today, including an opening goal off a one touch volley that even the East German Judge would have to give top marks based on degree of difficulty. But it's his defensive presence and his box to box play that made the most difference in this game. Thiago led the team in total tackles and interceptions and was also eight for eleven on passes of over 30 yards. He tracked back, broke up counters and started several breakouts of his own to go with a team high six shots.

Meister Of The Match: Kingsley Coman. Just when it looked as if Arjen Robben had won his old position of left wing outright with some tremendous performances, Kingsley Coman comes out and completely and utterly destroys his opposition. The Duke of Dribbling, The Antagonist of Ankles, The French Fireball, call him whatever you like, he has hit another level with this game today as if to send a message that if Robben wants his old spot back, he's in for a fight. It's exactly the kind of "problem" you want manager Pep Guardiola to have; too much talent. Four passes leading to shots on goal, an assist hat trick, a team high eight crosses, 97% passing accuracy and seven successful dribbles (one less than the entire rest of the team combined) is exactly the kind of stat line you want to see before the mid week clash with Juventus.

Jersey Swap: Felix Wiedwald. Not much went right for Bremen, but Felix Wiedwald made a few tremendous saves including two from point blank range that kept this game from being even more of an embarrassment than it was already. He was put in an impossible situation, and he let in five goals, but two of them he had zero chance on. He shouldn't feel too badly about his performance.

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