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Bayern hire replacements for departed youth staffers

That didn't take long...

Alexandra Beier/Getty Images

After parting ways with Michael Tarnat and Jürgen Jung a few weeks back, Bayern have found their replacements in 23-year-old Timon Pauls, and 40-year-old Peter Wenninger.

Pauls will take over Jung's position as Head of the Scouting Department, and Wennigner will replace Tarnat as coordinator of the U-9 through U-15 teams.

While it may come as a surprise that a club of Bayern's size would hire a 23-year-old in a position of such importance, one can see the reasoning after looking at his rather extensive resume for a man his age.

Pauls started scouting for 1860 Munich at the age of 16, joining Bayern when he was 18 after catching the eye of Michael Tarnat. After his move to the club, he began what is called a "Freies Soziales Jahr," or a "Free Social Year," in which he volunteered for the club in various roles.

Upon completion of his FSJ, he started his Business Administrations studies in Munich while keeping a full time job at the club. After that became too much for him to handle, he broke off his studies before starting a dual study program at Bayern in which he would also earn his bachelors degree in sports economics, something he is still working towards. His role up until last week was as a scout and part time coach of the youth teams.

Pauls' promotion was helped along by none other than Uli Hoeneß, who apparently thinks very highly of him and has presumably gotten to know Pauls quite well while focusing his time and energy on the youth department.

While there isn't as much known on Wenninger, he has worked for Bayern since 2003 as the U-15 coach, a position which he will keep.

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