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KIT LEAK: Bayern Munich 2016-17 Adidas jerseys

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Pretty jerseys!

It's that time of the year when kit leaks become a regular occurrence. It seems that every European team right now is seeing mock-ups of next season's jerseys being leaked out into the wild, and that includes Bayern Munich. We've received a few whiffs of what Bayern's 2016-17 jerseys would look like, but until today, we haven't had a quality mock-up of the three.

The mock-ups were done by They created them based on reported color palettes and and design style. The color and style were previously reported by FootyHeadlines who has a great track record with regard to kit leaks.

The home jersey will be red with white accents. The away jersey will be grey with orange accents. The third jersey will be white with dark red accents and diamonds on the sleeves.

Here they are in all of their beauty!

What do you think of the new jerseys? Love them? Hate them?