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Javi Martinez is running again ahead of Bayern Munich return

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Good news, everyone!

Alex Grimm/Getty Images

Javi Martinez returned to the training field on Tuesday. While the rest of his Bayern Munich teammates are in Turin preparing for the Champions League match against Juventus, the Spaniard completed a 20 minute running session back in Germany.

"I'm very satisfied," Martínez said. "I'm fine again. I have no pain anymore."

Martinez has been sidelined since the start of the Rückrunde with a knee injury. His injury was followed by Jerome Boateng and Holger Badstuber also falling out with injuries. With Medhi Benatia gearing up for a return to competitive games, Bayern will welcome Martinez's return with open arms. The only non-injured centerback on the roster has been loanee Serdar Tasci, who has been working to get into game-shape after having been out of action since the Russia Premier League took their winter break back in November.

The initial prognosis for Martinez was for him to miss four weeks. He begins running at the start of week number three, so he appears to be right on schedule.

You can see Javi Martinez running beginning at the 1:17 mark of this video.