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Leaked document shows Toni Kroos has a €300m release clause

Football Leaks strikes again!

Denis Doyle/Getty Images

The mysterious website Football Leaks has struck again. This time, the website has revealed the transfer agreement between Bayern Munich and Real Madrid for Toni Kroos along with Kroos' contract with Los Merengues.  While the transfer agreement is more relevant for Bayern supporters, Kroos' contract is interesting in it's own right.

Real Madrid is paying Kroos base salary of €6,000 a month. Yes, his base salary pays him only €72,000 a year. However, clauses and bonuses in his contract jump his contract into the upper echelon. Throughout the entirety of his contract, these are the bonuses that he can reach.

2014/15: €11,320,755
2015/16: €10,909,091
2016/17: €10,909,091
2017/18: €10,909,091
2018/19: €10,909,091
2019/20: €10,909,091

Those must be some incredibly easy-to-reach incentives.

As with nearly all La Liga players, Kroos has a ridiculous buyout clause. However, Toni has one of the highest clauses at €300 million. If buyout clauses have proven anything over the years, it's that clubs are willing to drop them on a whim if the offered transfer fee is high enough. However, if Madrid hold firm, Kroos won't be going anywhere until his contract expires.

In the transfer agreement, there are two paragraphs relevant to Bayern supporters.

Transfer Fee

As compensation for the transfer of the Player from FCB to Real Madrid, REAL MADRID shall pay to FCB the following transfer amount net of any taxes:

EUR 25,000,000 (i.w. twenty five million Euros)

payable upon receipt of a respective invoice as follows:

an amount of EUR 12,000,000 net of any taxes within 72 hours upon receipt of the FIFA Transfer Certificate at the RFEF

an amount of EUR 8,000,000 net of any taxes on 15 July 2015

an amount of EUR 5,000,000 net of any taxes on 15 July 2016

At the time of the transfer, the rumors for Kroos' transfer fee always seemed to fluctuate between €25 million and €30 million. However, knowing that Bayern received €25 million after taxes for a player with only one year left on his contract, makes the deal look better.


The parties agree that REAL MADRID shall play a friendly match in Munich with FCB in the pre-season/preparation of the seasons 2016/17 at a date mutually agreed in good faith. All the costs of the organization (including REAL MADRID's travel and stay) as well as the economic profit shall be for FCB, i.e. FCB bears all the costs, whereas REAL MADRID shall play such friendly match without receiving an additional fee, and all rights with respect to or in connection with the friendly match shall be retained by FCB.

Real Madrid attended the Audi Cup in Munich last summer. It will be interesting to see if the two clubs consider that sufficient, or if Madrid will be making another trip to Munich this summer for a friendly. With Bayern potentially heading back to the United States this summer after spending 2015 in China, the expected date of this friendly would be in the final days before the start of the 2016-17 season.

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