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Mario Götze is back in training with Bayern Munich

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He's back!

Lars Baron/Getty Images

After several months out thanks to injury, Mario Götze stepped onto the training field again on Monday to rejoin his Bayern Munich teammates. Götze was targeting a February return, and it appears that he's right on track.

Götze was injured back on October 8 during Germany's Euro 2016 qualifier against the Republic of Ireland. He was diagnosed with a groin injury that would sideline him for at least three months. He didn't even start running again until December.

Bayern fans everywhere will be pleased to see Götze return to form, as his presence gives Pep Guardiola one more wrinkle to throw at the opposition. With the Champions League encounter against Juventus creeping closer and closer, Götze could still play a hug role in the tie.

Speculation abounds with regard to Götze's "value" in Munich. However, there is no question that when Mario Götze is healthy, he is on the field. He is too talented to ignore.