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Tim Wiese made his WWE debut... and didn’t look that bad

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You must watch the video.

WWE Live Munich 2016 Photo by Dominik Bindl/Getty Images

Since retiring from his career as a goalkeeper, former Werder Bremen number one Tim Wiese has made no secret about his plans to become a professional wrestler. He bulked up a lot and started training in the squared circle.

The WWE was on a tour of Europe this week, and they made a stop in Munich over the weekend. Munich will forever be known as the place that Wiese made his in-ring debut.

Partnering with Cesaro and Sheamus, they took on the Shining Stars and Bo Dallas in a match that saw Wiese get a fair bit of action in the ring.

And, you know what? For a soon-to-be 35 year old with extremely limited training time, he doesn’t look THAT terrible in the ring. Maybe there is a (somewhat limited) future as a professional wrestler for Wiese? Who would’ve thought?

Here’s the video courtesy of WWE’s Twitter account. Enjoy.