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Uli Hoeneß is back and taking shots at 1860 Munich and Donald Trump

The Bayern Munich President is already mixing it up.

FC Bayern Muenchen - Annual General Assembly Photo by Johannes Simon/Bongarts/Getty Images

Uli Hoeneß has never been shy about speaking his mind. The Bayern Munich President has given a bunch of public interviews in the final few days since he was re-elected to his old position on Friday. He’s already gone after Bundesliga rivals RB Leipzig and Borussia Dortmund along with city rival 1860 Munich.

Then, in another discussion about 1860’s failures to establish themselves, Uli takes a few more shots at 1860 and even throws some shade at the United States President-Elect Donald Trump.

"We have a contract with 1860 until 2025, um, because - you also have to consider the history - we wouldn't have this stadium, if Franz Beckenbauer had not brought the World Cup to Germany, and if we hadn't declared our willingness to build this stadium together with 1860 Munich. Our universally beloved former mayor, Herr Ude, made it a condition that we had to take on 1860 as a 50% partner back then, otherwise we wouldn't have had the opportunity to build the stadium. And as everyone knows, it's difficult to build such a stadium with a partner on life support, but... [applause]

"In the meantime, things haven't improved [for 1860], but rather have gotten worse. Despite that, they’ve been dreaming for years over at 1860 of their own stadium. I think they should talk to Donald Trump, he's a real-estate tycoon, maybe he'll build something like that for them. He's already built several stadiums that he built on sand, so he can probably afford 50 or 80 million Euros. Because that would be the condition for 1860 to even consider ever moving out of the stadium. They can't go back to the Grünwalder Stadium, because the city would never approve the it for 1st or 2nd Bundesliga, because the structural prerequisites are just not there; the parking situation is also lacking. 1860 doesn't want the Olympia Stadium - it's obviously enormous for the 2nd league. Other than that, they should explain to me how they imagine that this will happen.

"If though, and I'll clearly state this, if they find some rich uncle in America who builds them a stadium, and they have the possibility of moving out - because they're always pretending 'this also depends on Bayern Munich, who maybe won't let us out of the contract' - we can say to them with absolute certainty that Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and I will march out in front - I've already heard of a thousand musicians who are willing to make up the band that will escort them out of the Allianz Arena."

(Translation courtesy of our own John Dillon and grudnik.)

Uli. Is. Back.

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