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12 year old American has sick skills, will train with Bayern Munich

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Everyone enjoys watching kids ball out.

Audi Summer Tour USA 2016 - Day 10 Photo by Alexandra Beier/Bongarts/Getty Images

As part of their brand expansion into the United States, Bayern Munich partnered with the huge youth academy Global Premier Soccer. GPS boasts over 55,000 players in over 11 states. The partnership involves bringing GPS coaches and players to Munich for training, and Bayern coaches visiting GPS in the States.

One of the early standouts of this initiative is 12 year old Jack Panayotou from Massachusetts. He’s already been to Munich twice for training sessions with the club’s youth teams and reportedly impressed coaches along the way.

Of course, nobody being realistic expects a 12 year old to definitely make the Bayern first team one day, but it’s good to see some potential players coming out of this partnership.

Watch the video below of Jack in action.