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Arjen Robben will miss upcoming Netherlands World Cup qualifiers

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He’s not fit yet.

Christof Koepsel/Getty Images

The Netherlands head coach Danny Blind has confirmed that Arjen Robben will not participate in its upcoming World Cup qualifying matches against Belarus (October 7) and France (October 10) because of a minor rib injury.

The Bayern Munich winger was making his first start of the season last weekend in the club’s 1-1 draw against Cologne, but he was substituted by Thomas Muller at half-time. Bayern Munich boss Carlo Ancelotti told the club's website that the injury was nothing serious.

Danny Blind on leaving Robben out of the Dutch’s upcoming World Cup qualifiers:

"I spoke to Arjen this morning, he's not coming - he's not fit and that is unfortunate. We will have to do without him. That is now clear, and we know where we stand. He does just not feel fit yet. We knew it would be difficult for him. We hoped that we could take advantage of that extra quality he brings. Unfortunately that is not the case. We will have to do without him."

The Netherlands drew 1-1 against Sweden in their WC qualifying campaign opener.