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Bayern Munich fans hoist somewhat contradictory banner in Champions League match

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Someone help me understand this.

FC Bayern Muenchen v PSV Eindhoven - UEFA Champions League Photo by Lennart Preiss/Bongarts/Getty Images

Before Bayern Munich beat PSV Eindhoven 4-1 in Wednesday’s Champions League match, the supporters in the Südkurve hoisted a banner that said the following:

“In Warsaw, Rostov or Elsewhere: No to bans of Fans! Smug UEFA battles football instead of racism.”

The banner displayed today is in response to recent actions by UEFA to force Poland’s Legia Warsaw and Russia’s FC Rostov to play behind closed doors following anti-Semitic and racist chants from their supporters.

If UEFA is not to punish fans for racist behavior, then what should they do? Many people believe that UEFA should go further than just forcing clubs to play behind closed doors including huge fines and a deduction of points.

Is the suggestion here that UEFA shouldn’t punish fans for being racist or anti-Semitic (Or homophobic behavior for that matter) and only punish the club with the fines and point deductions? Shouldn’t it be both?