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Post-match awards in Bayern Munich's 2-2 draw with Eintracht Frankfurt

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It was a hard fought match at the Commerz-Bank-Arena with Eintracht playing a very strong game against the defending champions. These players, in particular, stood out

Lars Baron/Getty Images

Tip Of The Cap: Mats Hummels. Was it his best game in Bayern red? No, but him and Jerome Boateng formed a fairly solid central defense and the new signing did come up huge with a blocked shot on a rebound off the crossbar that kept the game close. All in all, Hummels had eight clearances in his own end while managing to get two shots off in the offensive zone.

Golf Clap: Thiago Alcantara. Yes, he had some boneheaded giveaways early in the game, but after the half, he was a man possessed. His through balls were on the money and his dribbling skill and passing ability helped wrestle some of that midfield control that Eintracht had been enjoying in the first half. He also had a very impressive seven interceptions showing that he is not only an offensively gifted midfielder, but an box-to-box workhorse. This was not him at his most impressive, but even so, it was still a pretty darn good showing.

Standing Ovation: David Alaba. He hasn't made the most noise on the pitch as of late, but Alaba put together quite an impressive performance. He had an assist on the opening goal and was also fairly stout in his own end. Despite not being to walk away with three points, Bayern fans should be encouraged with his vintage Alaba performance. There just aren't that many athletes in the world who can do what he does from a fullback position and this just might signal a return to prime form for the 24-year-old Austrian.

Meister Of The Match: Joshua Kimmich. The 21-year-old's goal could not have come at a better time and only further cemented his place in the starting line-up from here on out. Kimmich played a very strong game from end to end, not only chipping in a goal, but also delivering two other passes that lead to shots on goal. Against a relentless opponent, Kimmich never backed down and continued to fight hard until the end in all phases of the game.

Jersey Swap: Marco Fabian. Frankfurt made this much more of a game than many would have thought it would be mostly due to Frankfurt's ability to fight for possession in the midfield and generate counter attacks from that. Marco Fabian was instrumental in that effort, intercepting passes and drawing fouls as he constantly put himself into position to either score or generate a shot on goal.