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Juan Bernat shines as Bayern Munich draw with FC Köln

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Juan Bernat shines but so does the FC Köln defense

Bayern Muenchen v 1. FC Koeln - Bundesliga Photo by Alex Grimm/Bongarts/Getty Images

Jersey Swap: Dominique Heintz - The former German youth international was stellar against Bayern Munich. Deployed on the left side of their back three, he was instrumental all game in shutting down the Bayern Munich right. With Arjen Robben and Thomas Müller focused on controlling those spaces it was a tough ask for Heintz and he did a good job of limiting their ability to get goalside.

Tip of the Cap: Arjen Robben - Arjen Robben may have only played a little more than 45 minutes, but for much of the first half he was Bayern’s only attacking threat. His dribbling and work in tight spaces was instrumental in Bayern’s ability to maintain constant pressure on the Köln backline.

Golf Clap: Joshua Kimmich - Joshua Kimmich’s performance was generally frustrating. The tight Köln defense posed serious problems for him in the second half, but his first half was fairly magestic as he combined with Renato Sanches to easily outfox the opposition midfield. His late runs into the box are quickly becoming of his biggest assets to this team, and he added a diving header goal to his rapidly increasing goal tally this week.

Standing Ovation: Javi Martinez - There’s a reason the Köln counterattacks were non-existent in the first half and shutdown rapidly in the second half. The answer to that was Javi Martinez who had a phenomenal defensive game. While it wasn’t enough to secure the win, and Köln’s attacking surges late in the first half were troublesome, the Spaniard was the defensive rock of this team.

Meister of the Match: Juan Bernat - It’s not often that Juan Bernat plays anymore given David Alaba has largely returned to full health, but the Spanish leftback showed why he’s still on this team and why he’s an important part of their future. He attacks at pace vertically, and delivers devastating crosses. While it may not feature the flash of a player like Alaba or Franck Ribery, Bernat is very good at what he does and when he keeps it simple he’s a potent weapon for Bayern. He was exactly the right weapon to use to get behind the Köln defense and his cross for Kimmich’s goal was sublime and he delivered.