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Introduction to the Community: Meet the new writers

We expanded.

Hey everyone! It's been a while since we've done one of these.

When we went looking for new writers, I had a feeling that we were going to get some good applicants, but we were blown away by the quality of people that wanted to join Bavarian Football Works. I believe that  we are extremely lucky with the people that we've been able to add.

It's been almost three years since Ryan, Davis, and myself took over the reigns here at BFW. Thank you for joining us on this ride. We're not going anywhere. Oh, yeah, George (grudnik) and Mike (NoVaBurgher) aren't going anywhere either.

Say hello to our new writers.

John Bushnell

I love sports, but none so much as soccer. I fell in love with the beautiful game a long time ago, and I try to continue to be as involved with it as much as I can as a spectator, a coach, a writer, and (of course) an FC Bayern Munich fan. As a student of history and language, I enjoy learning about Bayern Munich's unique past and writing about their present. Writing has been a large part of my life for as long as I can remember, and I rank the written word and my love for Bayern Munich among my greatest passions.

Valentin King

Hey everyone, my name's Valentin King, I'm 19, and currently a sophomore economics major at Rowan University in Glassboro, New Jersey. I was born and raised in small town named Lauterbach in Baden-Württemberg, Germany and moved to the US when I was about 10. I've been a Bayern fan ever since I can remember, something I caught a lot of flak for from my Dad (a Stuttgart fan) because according to him, "being a Bayern fan is easy." I've been a reader of BFW for about three years now and am extremely excited to be able to contribute to the site!

John Dillon

I've been hooked on Bayern Munich and all things Bavarian since I spent a fantastic year abroad in Munich in 2005/6. I really feel like Bavaria is my second home: I love the people, the land, the dialect, and the beer -- and especially Bayern Munich. Technically speaking, I'm trained as an ancient historian, and I've held a variety of international academic positions. At the moment, besides research, I'm working as an academic translator. You could say languages are my thing. Despite a decidedly non-athletic youth, I love sports and play baseball on a local amateur team. And I spend as much time as I can playing ball with my son. He's been "dribbling like Robben" since he was two.

Nick Bolton

Guten Tag, good people of BFW! My name is Nick, but you probably know me as HOFArmchairQB. I've been a member of SBNation for 6 years, and I'm so excited and beyond honored to have been brought on to the fine BFW writing community.

I am a native to southern Ohio (hence my fandom of the Cincinnati Bengals and Columbus Crew), having been born there and attended school there. Even now that part of the country is very dear to me. Outside of sports, I am a passionate student of science, engineering, and history, and devote most of my free time outside work, friends, family, and sports to hoarding as much information as humanly possible.

So how did I become a fan of FC Bayern? Well, my family is very involved in our heavy German heritage. In fact, my grandmother was born there and didn't move here until she was an adult and most of the people in my family speak German. Because of that, I was drawn to the German National Team when my interest in football was budding. Of particular interest to me was this blonde midfielder with the most German name I have ever heard, Bastian Schweinsteiger. From there I was introduced to Bayern Munich and the world of club football, and I fell in love with this club immediately. The history, the titles, the pageantry. It all appealed to me immensely. So, since I can never only like things, I devoted countless hours to learning about the players, the coach, the tactics, and the league until the club became an integral part of my identity. I can only hope that my passion for the club reflects in my writing.

I look forward to bringing my insight on all things FC Bayern in the future. Mia San Mia, baby.

Neil McCann

My name is Neil McCann from Boston and a current journalism student. Football is my passion, and Bayern Munich is/has been/and always will be my favorite team. My focus when looking at football is players and their individual performances, and the economics of the sport. Besides my mother's roots to Southern Germany, the economics of football clubs is what drew me to Bayern Munich and the Bundesliga. A league containing the lowest season ticket prices among their clubs, the league's dedication to the youth development, and the insistence of the financial well being for the 36 Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga clubs for the foundation of what, I believe, is the best league in the World.

I am extremely excited to be joining the Bavarian Football Works team. An avid reader of the site, I astounded by the in depth coverage and knowledge of both Bayern Munich and the Bundesliga. I hope to bring a new angle of writing to the site, while also contributing to the articles and topics that are proven.

Mia San Mia

Tyler Cooney

My name is Tyler Cooney and I hail from Miami, Fl. When I'm not watching sports or binge-watching Netflix shows, I work with disadvantaged youth in the city. I'm not an obsessive person, but when it comes to any Miami sports team or Bayern Munich, you could say that is my full-time job. Thankfully, Fox Sports now allows me to watch Bayern games at work.

I'm a graduate of the "U" in History and Film Studies, I love to write, read, have a German beer or three, and sit my butt in front of the TV. I love being a part of the English-language Bayern family!

Victor Coffie

I'm a diehard Bayern Munich fan since the 1990's when Lothar Matthaus was still playing and I'm also a diehard Die Mannschaft since the 1990 WC because of Lothar. The 1990 WC was the first WC that I saw, and when I saw the way Germany play, I fell in love with the National Team. I'm very excited and honored to be apart of BFW!

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