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Five observations from Bayern Munich's 2-1 win over Hamburg

An uninspiring win, but something to build upon.

Stuart Franklin/Getty Images
Coman's crossing looked much improved

In the first half of the season, Kingsley Coman's crosses often times sailed way over our attackers heads. They were off target and gave his teammates no opportunity to make a play on the ball. That was not the case today. Early in the game, Coman delivered a cross with his left foot that didn't meet the head of one of our players, but it was delivered with good pace and height into a dangerous area. Later on in the match, he put in a nice ball from the right flank that met the head of Thiago, who was only able to head the ball over the net. Hopefully, this wasn't just a one time thing from Coman and is something he's really improved upon.

Badstuber looked good physically

I thought Holger Badstuber looked much more explosive than he did just a month ago. There were multiple instances during the game where he just looked faster and springier when going for the ball. He seemed to run out of gas a little towards the end of the game, but that will surely change with a little more match time. Even though he was a full participant in Doha, this was only the second time since the beginning of November that he's gone the full 90 minutes in a Bundesliga game, so the fact that his stamina may be lagging behind a bit is not a surprise.

Müller looked a little rusty

Even though Thomas Muller was responsible for both the first and second goal, he was unimpressive during the moments in between. He made a beautiful run to get on the end of Lahm's exquisite ball to draw the penalty that opened up the scoring, but other than that, he didn't really do much. He had some sloppy first touches, a few weak passes, and didn't do much when he received the ball near the penalty box as he seemed to lack his usual creative touch that allows him to punish defensive lapses by the opposition.

Alonso was poor in defense

Xabi Alonso picked up a foul on a rather careless challenge midway through the second half, was shown a yellow card on a foul on the edge of the box in the 81st minute, and was responsible for the 1:1 equalizer, as he did not do a good job covering Pierre-Michel Lasogga. Even though it looked like neither player got a touch on the ball, he needs to do a better job of clearing the ball and/or denying Lasogga the opportunity to get as close as he did. His pace and defensive awareness are both less than ideal for a holding midfielder, which could once again turn into a real problem in April and May.

Bayern need to improve the way they defend set pieces

The way Bayern defended the set piece that led to the equalizer was not encouraging. Even though the ball by Hunt was almost perfect, the players have to do a better job getting a touch on the ball before it can threaten Manuel Neuer in front of goal. It was very similar to the way they conceded the 1:0 against Arsenal at the Emirates a few months back, and the lack of awareness on balls into the box like that will be punished relentlessly by opponents of higher quality. It was not a good showing.

Other observations:
  • Hamburg right-back Dennis Diekmaier had some good moments going forward, using his pace to put pressure our defense. He also defended quite well against arguably two of the better wingers in the Bundesliga in Coman and Costa.
  • Philipp Lahm runs like my dad.
  • Speaking of Lahm, the ball he played to Müller that helped him draw the penalty in the first half was absolutely beautiful.
  • The "have Alaba run over the ball and then Alonso cross it in," free kick tactic is not fooling anybody.
  • Unconfirmed reports suggest that the shot Boateng took at the beginning of the second half still hasn't landed.
  • Every time I watch Coman, I'm reminded of how much fun it is to watch him play. What an absolute steal.

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