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Fox will air Bayern Munich vs Augsburg on their broadcast network

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This is good news.

Christof Koepsel/Getty Images

A Bundesliga match will be broadcast on an over-the-air network in the United States for the first time ever on September 13. That match is Bayern Munich vs Augsburg which takes place on September 12. So, yes, that means that the game Fox has chosen to broadcast will be aired a day late on tape delay.

Now, this may seem like a strange decision, but it does make sense. While Bayern-Augsburg isn't a "big" match by any stretch, there is no other match that better fits the broadcast opportunity. Depending on the market, the game will air either before or after the NFL game.

The highest rated English Premier League game in history was Manchester United vs Chelsea from 2011 when Fox aired the game in concordance with the NFL. "The power of using the NFL, even if the game was not live, led to the most-watched Premier League game in U.S. history and it still stands today," said Head of Business Operation for Fox Sports, David Nathanson. "We're going to use the same tactic with the Bundesliga."

The match will still air live Saturday on Fox Sports 1. However, instead of the feed provided by the Bundesliga for the game, Fox will use John Strong and Brad Friedel on commentary to target the game more toward the American audience.

Fox, obviously, expects Bayern-Augsburg to be the most watched Bundesliga game in history. "The ratings are meeting our expectations," Nathanson said, "and our expectations are that the ratings are going to grow significantly from here. We are building the foundation to grow from."