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Bayern Munich vs Augsburg was USA's most watched Bundesliga match ever

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Good sign.

Alexandra Beier/Getty Images

Fox Sports has announced that the Matchday 4 clash between Bayern Munich vs Augsburg set records in the United States of America. The match was viewed by 926,000 on the Fox network, making it the most viewed Bundesliga match in history in the States.

We discussed previously how the ratings in America hasn't been as high as many fans would like, but one would have to remember that Fox was basically starting from scratch on television. Gol TV has been relegated to obscurity over the last several years, so only a tiny number even had access to legally watch games.

While the numbers for the Bayern and Augsburg match were fantastic, don't expect to see similar numbers on Fox Sports 1 or 2 any time soon. The Bundesliga is still working to gain traction in the states, and it must be said that Fox has done a tremendous job with their coverage so far.