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Xabi Alonso under investigation for tax fraud

Uh oh.

Christof Koepsel/Getty Images

Xabi Alonso is being investigation for tax fraud, according to a report from Spanish newspaper El Mundo. The case is being investigated by the prosecutor's office in Madrid. If Alonso is convicted, he could owe around €6 million.

Investigations into Alonso's former Liverpool teammate Javier Mascherano for tax fraud revealed the irregularities in Alonso's reported income. The alleged unreported income stems from image rights the player received while a member of Real Madrid. Both players had the same agency handling their image rights.

Jose Javier Polo of the prosecutor's office confirmed the investigation was requested by the tax office. TZ is reporting that they're seeking €3 million in owed taxes, a fine of €2.25 million, and €400,000 in interest.

Mascherano has already paid back over €1.5 million on what he owed. Alonso joins a long list of athletes under investigation including Lionel Messi, Neymar, Samuel Eto'o, Luis Figo, Iker Casillas, and Rafael Nadal.

Alonso released the following statement via his Twitter account today denying the allegations.

Following the information published today by the newspaper El Mundo concerning Xabi Alonso and the Tax Office, Mr Alonso states the following:

1. He wants to make it absolutely clear that he has always complied with each and everyone of his fiscal obligations;

2. He will act accordingly to defend his interests and, obviously, with respect to the decision of the Department of Justice

3. Of course, Mr Alonso will use whatever means are deemed necessary to prove that all his tax obligations have been met scrupulously and transparently, and always in compliance with current laws.

(Special thanks to Rafa over at Hudson River Blue --- SB Nation's New York City FC blog --- for the correct translation.)

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