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Robert Lewandowski turns it on: Post-match awards and player ratings

Pep Guardiola plugged most of his regulars back in to the lineup, after giving them a rest against Darmstadt. Except Lewandowski. He kept him back for a special performance in the second half, and what a performance it would be.

Lennart Preiss/Getty Images

Tip Of The Cap: Jerome Boateng. The boss of the defense did what he usually did, cleaning up in the middle, intercepting passes, starting the attacks going the other way, and hitting long passes to the forwards, even jumping in on offense when needed.  Another solid effort from the center back.

Golf Clap: Mario Gotze. Although he struggled a little in the first half, while playing on the left side, he came alive in the second half when he switched to the right.  Maybe it was his buddy, Lewandowski, inspiring him after the break, or Thomas Müller creating more space while playing in the middle, but Super Mario looked like a different player after the first half.  Nice cross for the highlight reel scissor kick goal by Lewa.

Standing Ovation: David Alaba. The Austrian was everywhere.  Starting out as a center back next to Jerome Boateng, and thwarting attempt after attempt from Wolfsburg with athleticism and positioning, he was set free in the second half with his move to the left back position, which, as usual, he used to roam into the middle, up top, and everywhere else, always causing havoc among the opponent's lines.

Meister Of The Match: Robert Lewandowski.  In a span of nine minutes, the Polish striker made mince meat out of Wolfsburg's defense, which had thwarted all Bayern attempts in the first half.  The double strike in 60 seconds was just the beginning, as Lewa would make one goal after another, one prettier than the next, with the culminating scissor kick from the top of the box as the crowning achievement.  With his five goals, he screams into the Bundesliga goal scoring lead, passing teammate Thomas Müller and Dortmund's Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.


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