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UEFA increases Champions League prize money by €255 million

That's a fairly big increase.

Alex Grimm/Getty Images

UEFA has dramatically increased the amount of money available to clubs in the Champions League proper, according to TZ. Beginning with this season, a total of €1.257 billion will be split among the 32 clubs that qualify for the Champions League group stage per year through 2017-18.

This is a big €255 million increase over the previous amount that the clubs were receiving under the previous deal. The big jump is in teams just qualifying for the group stage. Previously, all 32 clubs received €8.6m, but the new agreement means that they will all be taking home at least €12m. Each group stage win also brings in €1.5m now instead of just €1.

New (2015-2018) Old (2012-2015)
Total Money €1,257,000,000 €1,002,000,000
Group Stage €12,000,000 €8,600,000
Group Stage Win €1,500,000 €1,000,000
Group Stage Draw €500,000 €500,000
Round of 16 €5,500,000 €3,500,000
Quarterfinals €6,000,000 €3,900,000
Semifinals €7,000,000 €4,900,000
Final Loser €10,500,000 €6,500,000
Final Winner €15,000,000 €10,500,000
Market Pool*** €482,900,000 €430,900,000

***UEFA's "market pool" is decided at the end of the tournament based on money that the confederation received from television rights/sponsors in club's home countries. How far a club advances in the competition also helps determine how much money they receive.

More money than ever before is flowing into the upper echelons of the game, and there is no better place than the UEFA Champions League to reap the benefits.

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