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Let's help this The Short Fuse manager, Arsenal fan, and friend of Bavarian Football Works

Sorry. This isn't about Bayern Munich. It's about helping a friend of BFW.

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Since taking over Bavarian Football Works two and a half years ago, I've been able to spend more time getting to know the writers at the other websites belonging to the SB Nation network. You've seen us collaborate here at BFW with We Ain't Got No HistoryManaging MadridThe Busby BabeBlack and White and Read All Over, The Short FuseBitter and BlueChiesa Di Totti, and Barca Blaugranes.

The manager at one of those blogs, The Short Fuse, is in need of a little assistance at the moment. Our good friend Thomas Wachtel was climbing a rock wall when... Well: "Thomas heard what he thought was a foothold breaking off the wall. It turned out to be his left humerus snapping in two."

The injury resulted in a hospital stay and surgery, so you can imagine the bills that piled up. The American healthcare system is a beacon of light (Kidding. It's terrible.), and Thomas now has many exorbitant bills to pay. The kind folks that help Thomas run TSf have set up a page to raise money and help him pay a few of those bills. He was getting ready to spend his savings paying off these bills before they jumped in to do this for him.

They've even set up some "awards" for donations.

- If you give $20, you'll get a personal shoutout/thankyou on TSF social media, including the official site Twitter and FB, and the twitters of at least a couple of the individual writers
- If you give $100, you'll get to be a TSF author*! Choose from the following topics:
- Arsenal's biggest current playing need and who can fill it
- Who should be Arsenal's next coach and why
- Should Arsenal join the Real Madrid/Barcelona/City/Chelsea arms race?
- Mesut Ozil: An Appreciation
- My all-time favorite Arsenal player/game/goal/season (pick any one)
- If you give $500, you can write 1000 words on whatever Arsenal-related topic you want!**

If more than five people donate at the $100 level, we'll come up with more topics!

*Subject to very light editorial control - we won't change content, but reserve the right to fix spelling/punctuation/grammar as needed. While we don't plan on using it, we also reserve the right to tell you to start over if the piece you submit falls afoul of our usual posting guidelines (which will be made available to you).

**following TSF's site rules and the above-referenced editorial controls

If you have a few dollars to spare, any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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