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Referee Knut Kircher says he apologized to Augsburg for penalty call against Bayern Munich

Oh well.

Lennart Preiss/Getty Images

Bayern Munich were awarded a controversial penalty at the end of their match with Augsburg. In a tie game, Douglas Costa went down relatively easy in the penalty area, and referee Knut Kircher awarded a penalty to Bayern. Thomas Müller stepped up and converted the penalty. Bayern won 2-1.

Now, Sport 1's Christian Ortlepp is quoting Mr. Kircher as saying he made a mistake. "Reuter and Weinzierl both spoke to me. I apologised. Sorry Augsburg!"

The general consensus seems to be that this was not a penalty. It is odd that in the heat of the moment the referee and the assistant referee both deemed it to be a penalty. Replays showed the assist referee raising his flag for a penalty at nearly the exact same moment that Kircher is about to blow his whistle. Either way, the penalty was unquestionably soft.

Either way, the apology does nothing for Augsburg, as they now sit with only one point after their first four league matches.

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