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David Alaba, Austria qualify for Euro 2016

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Great news!

Christian Hofer/Getty Images

For the first time in their history, Austria have qualified for a European Championship. With victories over Moldova and Sweden during this international break, Austria have booked their spot in France next summer.

Austria has only played in one other European Championship. That was in 2008 when they co-hosted the competition with Switzerland. With a draw and two losses in the competition, the Austrians didn't make it out of the group stage. This time, however, they've qualified for the competition with two matches to spare and look set to finally make some noise in Europe's premier competition.

David Alaba is the machine running the Austrian midfield. As he showed last season with Bayern Munich, Alaba is a world class player no matter if he's playing left back or as a box-to-box midfielder. He also has four goals to date in qualifying to help him lead Austria to the finals of the competition.