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David Alaba is still underrated by EA Sports in FIFA 16

Looking at this list, I have to believe that David Alaba is better than all of those list.

Boris Streubel/Getty Images

This week, EA Sports is releasing the Top 50 rated players in the upcoming FIFA 16 video game. They started with the first ten (50-41), and only on Bayern Munich player made the cut. For some strange and unknown reason, Electronic Arts believes that David Alaba is only the 46th best player in the world.

Alaba's overall rating for the game is an 85 which puts him level with every single player ranked in spots 50-41, and I'm sure we'll see that a few players into the 30s are ranked as an 85 as well. However, is EA really going to try and convince anyone that can watch a game that Naldo, John Terry, and Santi Cazorla are better than Mr. Alaba? I dare say that they better not.

I've made the argument several times that David Alaba is the best all-around player in world football today.His statistics appear to back up that argument, but while his overall rating has increased by three points since last year's version of the game, Alaba should be knocking on the door of 90, not 85.

50: Angel Di Maria (85)
49: Petr Cech (85)
48: Edinson Cavani (85)
47: Vincent Kompany (85)
46: David Alaba (85)
45: Diego Godin (85)
44: John Terry (84)
43: Naldo (85)
42: Yaya Toure (85)
41: Santi Cazorla (85)

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