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Video Highlights: Arjen Robben nabs penalty for first goal of the season

When the sharks smell blood in the water, they all want a taste.

All club's have "pecking orders" for penalty kicks. Figuring out that pecking order is the responsibility of the coaching staff and the upper levels of leadership among the players of each team. For Bayern Munich, that order is "clearly" established.

"We need to be moving the ball at speed and creating one-on-one situations," Arjen Robben said following Bayern's victory over Bayer Leverkusen. "We have a clear pecking order for penalties: Thomas is taker number one, I'm number two. But it's good that Arturo also wanted to take it. It's better than everyone being scared."

Robben brings up a great point. It's great news that Bayern have more players that are willing to step up to take penalty kicks. Everyone remembers the Champions League Final against Chelsea when players such as Toni Kroos refused to take a penalty among the first five kicks.

You can always count on a good quote from Thomas.

Have you ever wanted to know how many penalties FCB have converted in the history of the Bundesliga?

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