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VIDEO: Jens Lehmann talks Pep Guardiola and Manuel Neuer

During Fox Sports pregame show, Jens Lehmann talked about Pep Guardiola and Manuel Neuer

Fox Sports has done an absolutely fantastic job with their Bundesliga coverage on opening day here in the United States. During their half hour pregame show, they had Jens Lehmann on to discuss Pep Guardiola and Manuel Neuer. Lehmann is a part of the Bundesliga Legend's Tour where "legends" of the league are traveling the world ahead of the Bundesliga's big launch of their new TV contracts.

On if Pep Guardiola will sign a contract extension with Bayern

"Of course, it is. He's a great coach for Bayern Munich. He likes the city. I guess that he will definitely consider staying a little bit longer. Of course, it depends on his success in the upcoming season."

On how long Manuel Neuer can expect to be Germany and Bayern number one

"Oh, he can stay forever, or however long his career goes to be the number one for Germany and definitely for Bayern Munich. But, right now, I've heard that he feels really, really comfortable in Munich. He's, of course, a great keeper, not only for Bayern Munich but also for Germany."

**UPDATE: As you can see, it appears as though Fox has deleted the video after uploading it to YouTube. If it reappears, we will repost it.

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