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Should the German Supercup be played abroad?

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Karl-Heinz Rummenigge thinks it should be considered.

Lars Baron/Getty Images

Most countries in world football play a "Supercup" of sorts at the beginning of their season. It pits the champions of the league and the domestic cup against each other in an "official" match to start the season. Germany has the DFL Supercup, England has their Community Shield, Italy has the Supercoppa Italiana, Spain has the Supercopa de España, and France has the Trophée des Champions.

The 2015 DFL Supercup will feature Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich against DFB Pokal champions Wolfsburg. The match will be played, once again, at the home of the team that did not win the Bundesliga. However, Bayern CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge thinks it's time for the DFL to consider playing the tournament abroad to continue the growth of the Bundesliga's international appeal.

While this has been discussed in England, the Italians and the French have already put this into motion. The Italians have played their Supercup in the United States, China and Qatar. The French have taken theirs to Canada, Tunisia, Morocco, the United States, Gabon, and China.

If they want to continue to appeal to international markets they need to go there more often. The Supercup is the perfect match to take to foreign countries as the league continues to "expand their brand". The Bundesliga will be making €160 million from their international contracts this season. The English Premier League will be bringing in around €900 million.

It's time for the Bundesliga to reach those markets.