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Jerome Boateng wants more responsibility after Bastian Schweinsteiger departure

He wants to lead.

Adam Pretty/Getty Images

When a leader on and off the field leaves the club, others need to step up in their place. Luckily, Bayern Munich already have Philipp Lahm and Manuel Neuer in the team. There's also guys like Franck Ribery and Arjen Robben. However, one player is being very open about being ready to take up a leadership role. That player is Jerome Boateng.

In an interview with, Boateng spoke about how Bayern will adjust to life without Schweinsteiger being around to shoulder so much responsibility.

"When you play alongside someone for so long for the national team and Bayern, it does feel a bit funny when he's not there anymore. Basti is a great player and a great bloke. He's won virtually everything he can and played a huge part in that success. He certainly made his mark at Bayern in his time at the club. It's important for us as a team to share out the responsibility he used to carry on his shoulders."

On whether or not that includes him, he said, "Of course, I've got to play my part. I've reached the point where I want, and can accept, more responsibility."

While Philipp Lahm will remain the club captain, it will be interesting to see which player or players will be named as vice captain. I think it's very possible that Bayern turn to both Boateng and Manuel Neuer to share the mantle moving forward.

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