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Highlights: Melanie Behringer and Sara Dabritz net as Germany annihilate Ivory Coast 10-0

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Bayern Frauen starts Melanie Behringer and Sarah Daebritz scored in German's 10-0 win over the Ivory Coast

10-0 is a scoreline that says absolutely ridiculous. But that's how the Germany women's national team opened up their tally in the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup as they tore asunder the Ivory Coast. Which is what you should expect from the defending European champions.

With 5 goals in the first half and 5 goals in the second half it was a slaughter from start to finish and considering that winning their group is likely to come down to match with Norway, racking up a silly goal difference early would set them up nicely in the event of a draw.

Bayern Munich Frauen stars Melanie Behringer and Sara Dabritz found themselves on the scoresheet. Dabritz netted in the 75th minute on a sliding cross from Lena Pettermann while Behringer found herself pouncing on a loose ball in the box to thunder home in the 79th minute to net Germany's 9th goal. Fellow Bayern Frauen teammate Melanie Leupolz started the match but was substituted in the 17th minute for Behringer after picking up an apparent groin injury. The severity of her injury is unknown.