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Mitchell Weiser Showed He is a Top Flight Winger

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Weiser played for another professional contract, and now he is surely going to get a lucrative one.

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Going into the season, did anyone think they would see Mitchell Weiser's name as much as they did? Not just on the team sheet, but on the score sheet as well? Anyone who answers that question "yes" is either a liar or somehow associated with the Weiser clan. He seized the opportunity presented to him, and now he has the chance to get regular minutes.

His Season Performance

The head honchos at Bayern Munich had a clear plan of trying to make Weiser into a fullback. The 21-year-old spent the majority of the Hinrunde in the reserves in accordance with that plan. Once he traveled to Qatar and appeared on the team sheet with Rafinha injured, he got his chance to play fullback. It did not take long for Pep Guardiola to realize he was not the fullback Bayern was looking for.

That realization did not mean the end to Weiser, for opportunity struck again once Franck Ribéry and Arjen Robben had season-threatening injuries. He was not playing against Bayern's top opponents, but the width he provided without Robbery available to play was too hard to ignore. Guardiola gave Weiser a shot in the DFB-Pokal semifinal, but the winger could not deliver on the big stage. His season ended with a goal and five assists in 23 appearances, but the youngster showed flashes of the potential Bayern payed €800,000 for.

Next Season's Prospects

Even while he was zigging and zagging along the sideline, the elephant in the room was expiring contract. Much of his future now depends on whether or not Bayern wishes for him to return to the club. After his shift as a fullback, it is probably safe to say Weiser will not be hired as a fullback again, no matter what club he goes to. That said, he still has room to develop into a very productive wing player, perhaps the one Bayern has been looking for. If he does not sign with Bayern, he will not have to look far for top-flight employment.

BFW Grade: B-
Community Rating: 3.33