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Mehdi Benatia's first season with Bayern Munich was derailed by injuries

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His signing was a big deal in the summer.

Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

Last summer, there was a lot of discussion on which center back Bayern Munich should sign. Aymeric Laporte, David Luiz, and others had their names thrown out, but Bayern decided to sign Mehdi Benatia from AS Roma. The move was hailed as a brilliant signing by nearly everyone, but Benatia's season got started on the wrong foot.

His Season Performance

Benatia's biggest problem this year was his inability to stay on the field for long periods of time. He was already suffering from an injury when Bayern signed him from Roma, and the injuries seemed to come one after another for Moroccan this year. When he was on the field, Benatia looked like the star defender that Bayern thought they were getting. His composure next to whichever center back he was paired with was evident.

Next Season Prospects

It sounds relatively simple, but the big expectation for Benatia next season is that he can stay healthy. If he can get over this strange injury bug, Bayern will expect Benatia to be a big part of their push for another triple.

BFW Grade: B
Community Rating: 3.49