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Sebastian Rode proved he is "Bayern Munich quality" this season

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Everyone loves Sebastian Rode.

Lars Baron/Getty Images

When Bayern Munich signed Sebastian Rode, many people wondered whether or not he was following a similar path of Jan Kirchhoff. Rode didn't necessarily come across as the "kind of player" that Pep Guardiola would want in his side. However, Rode set out from day one to prove he belonged next to the world champions and make a name for himself at FC Bayern.

His Season Performance

With the Bayern players that featured in the World Cup given more time to recover, Rode was able to show Guardiola that he would be a viable option for the Spaniard in the center of midfield. Then, as players around him dropped like flies due to injuries, Rode found himself on the field more often.

"I don't know how long I will be the manager of Bayern Munich, but as long as I am here, Sebastian Rode will always be here."

Rode was involved in one of my moments of the season, too. Following a lengthy layoff to recovery from various niggling injuries, Bastian Schweinsteiger returned to the field back in November against Hoffenheim. After being on the field for a few minutes, Schweinsteiger played a lovely ball to Rode who scored a great goal to cap the return of Der Fußballgott.

Next Season Prospects

Rode definitely earned Guardiola's trust to be deployed anywhere at anytime throughout this past season. One should expect more of the same for the upcoming season. While his minutes will almost certainly depend on the health and availability of the more established veterans around him, there's no doubting that Rode will be a key cog in the system of Bayern Munich.

BFW Grade: B+
Community Rating: 3.32