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FIFA Gamer Smashes Controller, Blames Mario Götze, Who Then Offers to Replace it

A gamer blamed Mario Götze for his FIFA rage destruction of his PS4 controller. You won't believe what happened next.

We've all encountered video game rage in some form or another at one point in our lives.

Fan Mario Thissen in particular was enveloped by FIFA rage, a non-life threatening condition which can however threaten the structural integrity of PlayStation and Xbox controllers alike.

After falling in penalties, specifically after a Mario Götze miss, Thissen destroyed his PlayStation 3 controller then took to Facebook (and FC Bayern Munich's official page) to make sure Mario Gotze knew what was up:

Ich bitte Sie Herrn Götze etwas mitzuteilen . " Hallo Mario !
Du schuldest mir 49.90€ für einen neuen Controller . 
Du hast in der 90 Minute ein Elfmeter in FIFA verschossen , danke ! 
Meine Kontodaten werde ich dir morgen zusenden .

I would like to inform you Mr. Götze: " Hello Mario !
You owe me €49.90 for a new controller.
You missed a penalty in the 90th minute, thank you!
I will send you my account information tomorrow morning.

He probably didn't expect what happened next.

Götze himself took to social media to let his fellow Mario he knew what was up -- and then even offered to replace the controller to make amends for his digital self's botched penalty:

Hallo Mario, 
in der 90. Minuten einen Elfer zu verschießen, das ist mehr als bitter. Da ist man auf jeden Fall sehr frustriert, kann ich nachhvollziehen. Was war mit Thomas Müller los? Aber wirf doch nicht einfach deinen Controller in die Ecke, der kann nichts dafür.

Ich mach Dir mal ein kleines Paket fertig, beim nächsten mal mach ich das Ding dann rein, versprochen! FC Bayern Munich
Gruss Mario!
(Einfach mal in deinen Ordner "Sonstiges" schauen)

Hello Mario,
That  a penalty was missed in the 90th minute, that is more than disappointing. I can understand someone frustrated in any case. What was wrong with Thomas Müller?  But don't throw your controller in the corner, that will not be able to help. 

I will make you a small package, and the next time I will put the thing in, I promise! FC Bayern München

Sincerely, Mario
(Just look in your miscellaneous folder)

Class stuff from the Bayern star.

Since we can't all get World Cup winning goal scorers to replace our controllers, let this be a lesson to us all.

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