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Jerome Boateng becomes first footballer to sign with Jay Z's Roc Nation

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The world champion finally has new player representation.

Lars Baron/Getty Images

Jerome Boateng has been without official representation for years now since he had a falling out with his former player agent. Things became so bad between the two, Boateng found himself in court before the start of the recent Rückrunde disputing an unpaid wages claim.

Still, it was a little shocking on Monday when Boateng took to his Twitter account that he was joining Jay Z's Roc Nation Sports as the agency's first footballer from any country. Roc Nation has made major inroads in the player representation market in recent years, mostly in American sports.

Boateng joins a prestigious list of athletes including New York Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia, New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz, Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant, Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant, WBC Middleweight Champions Miguel Cotto, and WBA Super Middleweight Champion Andre Ward.