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Claudio Pizarro's age finally caught up with him this season

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Claudio Pizarro finally found that age where everything falls apart

Lars Baron/Getty Images

Claudio Pizarro has been Bayern Munich's ageless gem. Pizarro was Bayern's depth in the 2012/2013 march to the treble. Then a season later as a the backup to Mario Mandzukic in a new system under Pep Guardiola, he was exactly the right depth player Bayern Munich needed in their march to a double. This season was not so kind to Claudio Pizarro.

His Season Performance

At the age of 36, it was finally time for Claudio Pizarro to lose that final step. Age had slowed him in recent season's but his ability on the ball and vision helped extend his career with Pep Guardiola's style of play. However, myriad injuries and ensuing fitness issues limited the Peruvian international to just over 300 relatively poor minutes with no goals this season. His time finally ran out.

Next Season Prospects

It's unlikely Claudio Pizarro will continue playing next season. While rumors have linked him with backup jobs at several Bundesliga clubs, there doesn't seem to be much need for the services of a  striker who will turn 37 this October. June's Copa America may be his final performances as a professional player. Though if scuttlebutt is accurate, we may see Pizarro on the sidelines for Bayern Munich as rumors place him on the shortlist for potential Bayern Munich assistant coaches.

Or he can always become the world's foremost hair model.

BFW Grade: C
Community Rating: 2.87