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Arjen Robben was Bayern Munich's player of the season

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He didn't play an entire season, but Arjen Robben was on another level when he did.

Lars Baron/Getty Images

Was there any question about this award? Arjen Robben was the player of the season for Bayern Munich during the 2014-15 season. His stellar form carried over into this season, and Robben always looked a step above everyone else on the field.

His Season Performance

Robben, like a few of his FC Bayern teammates, was spectacular when he was actually on the field. Due to injuries, Robben only made 31 appearances this season. In those matches, Robben scored 19 goals and 9 assists. Bayern was a different team whenever the winger was in the lineup for Guardiola's men. He forced defenses to build game plans around stopping him due to his overwhelming quality, and that gave every other Bayern player on the field a little more room to operate in open space.

The club only lost four matches during the season whenever Robben was on the field. If the club wants to be successful, the Dutchman must be involved.

Next Season Prospects

What should be expected of the Dutch international next season? Robben will be turning 32 in the middle of the campaign, and his minutes should reflect that. While he has been otherworldly in recent seasons, when Father Time comes calling, most players generally struggle to avoid him.

If Robben can remain healthy next season and Pep Guardiola properly manages his minutes, Robben will likely be adding multiple trophies to his Bayern resume.

BFW Grade: A
Community Rating: 4.12