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Bayern Munich are about to become involved in Barcelona's legal troubles

Bayern Munich have been court ordered to produce transfer fees they submitted for Neymar prior to his move to Barcelona

Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

Barcelona may have won a treble this season but off the field their year has been nothing short of disastrous. A transfer ban stemming from illegal recruiting practices was the tip of the iceberg before being dragged into the Spanish courts for a whole host of improprieties stemming from Neymar's transfer from Santos in the summer of 2013. Now Bayern Munich are being forced to get involved with the the legal proceedings surrounding the Neymar transfer.

Bayern Munich are now legally obligated to produce transfer offers they made for Neymar between the years of 2009 and his eventual transfer to Barcelona in 2013. According to a suit filed in Spanish court, Neymar's final transfer fee was a paltry €17 million and DIS, the Brazilian investment group that controlled a 40 percent stake in Neymar's rights, alleges that the club engaged in fraud and corruption in the way the contracts were constructed.

What This Means for Bayern Munich

All in all this shouldn't mean a whole ton for Bayern Munich as an organization as their transfer offers to Neymar will likely be used as a benchmark for gauging market price. At best, their offers never see the light of day but more than likely Bayern Munich's offers will show up in official documents and football fans the world around can have a go at them for whatever silly reason they want to make up.

Though depending on just how much information gets shared across teams in Europe, the public disclosure of what Bayern Munich and other large sides bid on high end talent could be a worrying piece of information in the hands of teams seeing increased riches from media deals. That's admittedly a long shot problem and not very likely.

In the meantime, this is your reminder that we should be thankful we root for a team who endeavors to be above the board -- Sinan Kurt's transfer withstanding.

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