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Injuries derailed Franck Ribery's season and they'll likely derail the start of next season too

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Once more unto the breach trainer's table, dear Franck.

Adam Pretty/Getty Images

Franck Ribery hasn't been consistently healthy since Bayern Munich won a treble. While all the talent that won him a UEFA Player of the Year 18 months ago is still there, not being able to ply those skills on the pitch has been a huge loss for Bayern Munich. This season was another continuation of that trend.

His Season Performance

After recovering from a painful long term back injury at the start of the season, this year went from bad to worse as Ribery picked up at least the following ailments -- listed in no particular order -- a knee injury, knee injury setbacks, a muscle injury, muscle injury setbacks. At this point I wouldn't be surprised if the team came out and announced that he'd ruptured an eardrum that lead to internal hemorhaging or a hangnail that turned into a festering wound.

The number of "minor" injuries that Ribery picked up that ended up costing him weeks of matches this season was simply ludicrous. Ribery's final blow came in Bayern Munich's 7-0 shellacking of Shaktar Donetsk, where a simple ankle sprain morphed into a multi-month perpetual issue that cost him the final three months of the season .

Yet somehow despite all those issues, Ribery still managed to play 1500 minutes and ratchet up 9 goals and 10 assists. When he was on the pitch, he was fantastic for Bayern Munich.

Next Season's Prospects

With Ribery already set to miss preseason as well as the entire first month, his ability to impact next season is already off to a pretty poor start. That said, the Frenchman still has the skill and the ability and Bayern Munich need him to be healthy.

Because when he's healthy, Franck Ribery is still unstoppable.

BFW Grade: C
Community Rating: 3.91