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David Alaba's season was cut short by two bad knee injuries

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Please keep the injury bug away from Bayern's Austrian superhero next season.

Lennart Preiss/Getty Images

David Alaba was one of the many Bayern Munich players that suffered an injury (or multiple injuries) during the 2014-15 season and missed significant time. Unfortunately, the second injury also happened before the biggest games of the season.

His Season Performance

The only bad part of Alaba's season with Bayern is the fact that he suffered two terrible knee injuries. During the Hinrunde, Alaba suffered a torn MCL in his right knee. Then, just as Bayern were entering the tough part of their season, Alaba tore the MCL in his left knee.

Otherwise, he was up to his normal great self on the field for FCB this season. Thanks to the arrival of Juan Bernat, Pep Guardiola moved Alaba into the midfield for long portions of the season where he flourished. However, with the injuries to various players over the course of the season, Alaba also found himself in the attacking midfield and at centerback for matches.

Next Season Prospects

A healthy Alaba means that Bayern's chances of winning every trophy increase tenfold. Guardiola's balancing act of finding the perfect place for Alaba will be important. His ability to play so many different positions gives Pep a flexibility that only a few players can give their coach.

David Alaba is the best all-around player in world football. The world will take notice next season.

BFW Grade: A
Community Rating: 3.84