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Injuries Are Preventing Bastian Schweinsteiger from Being the Player He Once Was

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He body is more frail, but his play certainly is not.

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Two years ago, Bastian Schweinsteiger was an unstoppable force in midfield, one that made Bayern's spine stiffer than a surf board. That seems like ancient history now, the Fußballgott experiencing nagging injuries that has brought him down to earth. His time on the pitch, while brief at times, was still impactful, but he could not provide Bayern with what they needed in the big moments like he once did. With a year left on his contract, his future with the club could be in the balance.

His Season Performance

An ankle injury hampered his recovery from the World Cup, so his season did not actually begin until the end of November. He returned with a nice crack though, and Guardiola often paired him with Højbjerg and Gaudino, two players Bayern were trying to bring along quickly. He was the same box-to-box presence Bayern remembered, a nice rebound from the injury plagued season of 2013/14.

Even so, things just did not feel the same. The dream duo of him and Xabi Alonso was at times a nightmare, and he could not maintain his form with continuous fitness issues. Nonetheless, he made his impact on the season, even if it was not necessarily when Bayern needed it most. After all, he did score the winning goal in another Bundesliga-clinching victory. His season has the aroma of a downward trend, but he is still a vibrant player that can rekindle the pleasant fragrances of seasons past.

Next Season's Prospects

Schweinsteiger has a year left on his contract, and the future of his career has been more tumultuous than ever. He has not made it easier either, not giving an inch to journalists who are hounding him with questions about his contract. Die Welt went so far as doing a lab dissection of a neutral comment he made after Germany's match against the United States. No matter where he plays, one has to wonder if he can hold up long enough to eclipse 3000 minutes again, although this time around he'll have more time off (and no MLS players slide tackling him in friendlies). If he's on the pitch, he will still stamp his mark, and it will still be the divine mark of the Fußballgott.

BFW Grade: B+
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