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Thomas Müller was his normal, great self in 2014-15

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Need something great to happen? It's probably coming via Thomas Müller.

Lennart Preiss/Getty Images

At Bayern Munich, there's always one player that the club can rely on in big games, and that man is Thomas Müller. As we've we've seen time and time again, when FCB need a big finish, it's the unorthodox Müller that'll likely come through with the finish

His Season Performance

Müller was his normal impressive self during the 2014-15 season. He scored 21 goals in all competitions for FCB. However, Müller also seemed to hit a dip in form at roughlythe  time everyone was out injured toward the end of the session.

Next Season Prospects

It's really not difficult to make a season prediction for Thomas Müller. The minimum write be exciting twenty goals and assists in all competitions. However, depending in various players' health abd availability, it's very possible that Müller his that number in Bundesliga games only.

BFW Grade: A
Community Rating: 3.59