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Season review: Jerome Boateng, a defensive rock that crumbled late in the season

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Jerome Boateng was the defensive rock of Bayern Munich

Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

When Pep Guardiola took over at Bayern Munich, he turned Jerome Boateng into on the most dominating central defenders in Europe. That growth and upward trajectory continued this season.

His Season Performance

A year on from the beginning of that partnership, Jerome Boateng picked up right where he'd left as he elevated his defensive game to new heights. Slotting in anywhere along the backline -- or occasionally at fullback-- Boateng became the key component of Guardiola's game. Boateng jumped off the page this season in offense and possession where he took his passing and reading of the game in offense to greater heights.This was undoubtedly Jerome Boateng's best season in a Bayern Munich uniform.

However, even the best have their limits as Jerome Boateng learned with a large dip in form in late April. Then came the Lionel Messi experience...

Next Season Prospects

At the age of 26, Jerome Boateng is only going to get better. He's a monster in defense and in possession and the focal point of Bayern Munich's success at the back. How far Bayern Munich can go next season will likely rely on his ability and his form.

BFW Grade: A-
Community Rating: 3.59