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Sinan Kurt got his first taste of Bundesliga action this season

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What's next for the young player following his first season at FC Bayern?

Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

Bayern Munich made a lot of noise last season when they bought Sinan Kurt from Borussia Mönchengladbach. The folks in 'Gladbach were not happy with Bayern "poaching" one of their talented youngsters. However, in the end, they acquiesced and sold Kurt to FC Bayern.

His Season Performance

Nobody expected Kurt to get many minutes with the Bayern first team this season, and he didn't. He appeared in one Bundesliga match on the year, making a 45 minute appearance in April against Hertha Berlin. The young player spent most of the season playing with Bayern's U-19 team.

Next Season's Potential

It will be interesting to see what Bayern Munich decide to do with Kurt for the next season or two. He turns 19 this summer, and it's very possible that he follows a similar route as Pierre Hojbjerg. After a Hinrunde with FC Bayern, it's very possible that we see Kurt loaned out to another club to get some playing time.

BFW Grade: Incomplete
Community Rating: 2.85 / 5