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How can Bayern Munich win the Frauen Bundesliga?

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The Frauen-Bundesliga ends on Sunday with three teams still in the title hunt.

Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

It all comes down to one day and two games. Bayern Munich Frauen against SGS Essen and VfL Wolsburg against FFC Frankfurt. Only one team can win the league, and only two teams can make the Champions League. Is it possible for UEFA to add a third spot for the Bundesliga? Regardless, only two teams can make it between Bayern, Wolfsburg, and Frankfurt so one team will be disappointed on Sunday.

Heading into this weekend, Wolfsburg is leading the league with 54 points with Bayern only one point behind with 53 points. Frankfurt is in third, and out of the Champions League, with 52 points. With this table, a lot can happen on Sunday. So what are the possibilities?

Possible Outcomes

Bayern loses and Frankfurt wins. Let's get this one out of the way because it is the least pleasant to talk about. If Frankfurt beats Wolfsburg, they will vault up to 55 points and ahead of Wolfsburg. With a loss in this situation, Bayern would find itself in third place and unfortunately out of the Champions League. This would be especially heartbreaking considering that last season second place had 53 points and third was in the 40s. Now this scenario is probably the least likely of all. Wolfsburg has only lost one match this season, and (knock on everything) Bayern has not lost a single game in this campaign.

Bayern draws and Frankfurt wins. Another not so likely outcome, but still possible. In this case, Bayern would have 54 points and Frankfurt would leap over them to 56 to win the league. Bayern would fail to win the league and qualify for the Champions League. They would be level on points, but Wolfsburg would hold the tie breaker on goal differential and goals scored.

Bayern loses/draws/wins and Wolfsburg wins. In either scenario, Wolfsburg wins. With a win, Wolfsburg wins the league. But with that win, it would automatically make Frankfurt be in third place, giving Bayern a spot in the Champions League. Fortunately, this is the most likely result considering that Wolfsburg has only lost one game all season and the last time they met Frankfurt, they won 2-0.

Bayern wins and Frankfurt wins. This is the best result possible for Bayern Munich. If Bayern wins and Wolfsburg loses, then Bayern not only qualifies for the Champions League but will be league champions as well. This scenario is not too wild to think of, considering that Wolfsburg did lose to Turbine Potsdam, and Frankfurt is even better. Is it the most likely scenario? No, but it is definitely possible and would be a game changer.

Sunday's game against Essen will no doubt provide drama. All that Bayern can do is take care of it's own game with a win and hope for the best in the other match. Several players including Katharina Baunach and Viktoria Schnaderbeck will be out for the match with injuries. Bayern has dealt with injuries all season long and will no doubt be prepared to take on Essen and get the win. Both games kick off simultaneously at 2 pm, Munich time, 8 am eastern time.

Just win, just like Bayern has done all season long. It's that simple.