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You ever laugh at funeral? Leave Mario Götze alone.

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Why are Bayern Munich fans killing Mario Götze on social media for sharing a tiny laugh with a good friend?

Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

After the final whistle of Bayern Munich's 0-3 loss to Barcelona on Wednesday, Mario Götze found his friend, Barca goalkeeper and Germany international Marc-André ter Stegen. The two players hugged and shared a brief laugh before walking off the field, and they did all this without thinking of the repercussions on the Internet!

Not thinking about the consequences of his actions, Götze found his way back to the Bayern locker room. Surely, by now, his phone was full of text messages from his manager and friends, begging Mario not to look at his social media. The comments ranged from him being in it only for the money to demanding that he be sold to straight vulgarities.

In an attempt to get all of the insane people off of his back, Mario took to his website and all of his social media to defend himself.

Hi, on a personal note:

Today, stories went around the press, that I was joking around and laughing with my friend Marc-André ter Stegen after the game. Whoever thinks that the defeat doesn't interest me, is completely mistaken. I was at least as disappointed as every one of you fans and my teammates. If it didn't come across like that, I apologize.

I want to tell you, that I give everything for the club all the time, always strive for success with my team and always treat the fans, FC Bayern and the opponents with respect.


My fellow Bayern Munich supporters, while I don't know what is truly in the heart of Mario Götze, I feel very confident in saying that he probably hates losing as much as you do. Please, don't harass this man.