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Bayern Munich Fight Night: The Ideal Mayweather/Pacquiao Undercard

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What would be the Bayern undercard for the fight that will resurrect the sport of boxing?

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The lights are shining in the MGM grand, and the stage is set for several high-class bouts. Pep Guardiola is with his family ring side, while Jürgen Klopp is a few seats down in a jumpsuit, sunglass blinds, and a honey on each side.

The card is stacked before the main event between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, an undercard filled with heavyweight fights that will bring the crowd to their feet. Hold on to your shorts, be cause it is Bayern Munich fight night!

Welterweight Fight – Mario Götze (64 kg) vs. Philipp Lahm (66 kg)

In what is the lightest division on the card, we have a young up-and-comer trying to dethrone a no-doubt great. Lahm has counter-puncher written all over him, waiting for Götze to make his mistakes before coming up with the blows that push the youngster back. Being a boxer-puncher, Götze will stay tight to Lahm, using his powerful right hook to come up with the combinations get his shots in.

Outcome: Götze by majority decision

Super Welterweight Fight – Rafinha (68 kg) vs. Mitchell Weiser (67 kg)

Mitchell Weiser would get far being a slugger, but Rafinha has been around the block a few times. He will be more of an out-fighter, maintaining his distance as Weiser tries to wallop his way to a knockout. Rafinha will land several critical blows when Weiser isn't looking, even dropping Weiser with an uppercut right to the chin.

Outcome: Rafinha by unanimous decision

Middleweight Fight – Franck Ribéry (72 kg) vs. Thiago Alcântara (70 kg)

These two dynamic boxer-punchers will put up a good fight, staying even for most of the match. Thiago will dominate the first few round, but eventually he will run out of steam. That will give Ribéry the opening to land a few critical body shots that allows him to get back into the fight. The fight will force the judges to think twice about their scorecards.

Outcome: Ribéry by split decision

Super Middleweight Fight – David Alaba (76 kg) vs. Thomas Müller (75 kg)

This fight could be a main event if there was not a five year wait for the fight between Pacquiao and Mayweather. Both will be balanced fighters who jab with gusto, Alaba's out-fighter strategy countered with Müller's swarming approach. Alaba will be a tad quicker and get a little more power behind his left hook, but Müller will be able to do damage with both hands, perhaps even fighting southpaw before switching to his right. This fight will ultimately be too close to call, but that will not take away from the slugfest it will be.

Outcome: split draw

Light Heavyweight Fight – Bastian Schweinsteiger (79 kg) vs. Robert Lewandowski (79 kg)

This is a fight were Lewandowski will be able to use his length to his advantage, even though Schweinsteiger will be able to pack a punch. Schweinsteiger will come in tight, and put on a combination of body shots that will leave Lewandowski reeling on a few occasions. Schweinsteiger will back Lewandowski in the corner a few times, even throw Lewandowski back when he tries to escape. Lewandowski will be able to survive all of the rounds, but will be victimized by the judges scorecards

Outcome: Schweinsteiger by unanimous decision

Cruiserweight Fight – Jérôme Boateng (90 kg) vs. Dante (87 kg)

Boateng is one of those fighters that fights like a heavyweight but can drop his weight to fight in the lower division. He will pack a wallop, and Dante's hair will not be able to protect him from the blows he takes to the head. Boateng may get winded a bit being a free-swinging slugger, but he will land the final blow that puts Dante down for the count.

Outcome: Boateng by knockout

Heavyweight Fight – Manuel Neuer (92 kg) vs. Mehdi Benatia (92 kg)

Wanting to take on Boateng, Neuer will tap Benatia's gloves, discretely uttering to the Moroccan "I must break you". Both will be patient fighters, Benatia using his counter-punching style to land a few shots on Neuer. With the bookies looking to profit, Neuer will deliver, setting up punishing combinations that Benatia will have a hard time battling against. Benatia will put up a fight, but the decision will not fall his way.

Outcome: Neuer by majority decision