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Bayern Munich to play August friendly against Dynamo Dresden

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FC Bayern hit the charity friendly trail once again this summer.

Boris Streubel/Getty Images

Over the years, Bayern Munich have made it their duty to help clubs that are struggling financially. Whether it was giving Borussia Dortmund cash to avoid bankruptcy or playing friendlies against various clubs to raise money for them, FC Bayern are very giving to those in need.

This time, Bayern will be visiting 3.Liga side Dynamo Dresden for a friendly on August 17. The match was announced by Dynamo CEO.

Reports suggest Bayern have waived their "fee" for playing this friendly. In previous games, they've also refused to collect any of the money generated from the match.

Yes, this match does take place after the Bundesliga starts. However, looking at the league schedule, Bayern will be playing the opening match of the Bundesliga season on Friday, August 14. The friendly would take place on Monday. Since it's an early season friendly, this is enough time between matches for FC Bayern.

Once again, Bayern Munich are looking out for the little guy.