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Bayern Munich will host Real Madrid in the 2015 Audi Cup

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Bayern Munich and Real Madrid are first confirmed participants in the 2015 Audi Cup

Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

Once again, Bayern Munich will host the Audi Cup and this year's iteration is shaping up to be an exciting test as the club released today that the first invitee to this competition is Real Madrid. The tournament will take place the week of August 4th and 5th. The final invites to this 4-team competition will be announced in early June.

The Audi Cup, for those of you who have forgotten is played every two years and hosted by Bayern Munich at the Allianz Arena where they award a big shiny trophy sponsored by -- you guessed it -- Audi. Despite the fact that Audi is one of the premier luxury car manufacturers in the world and makes some truly amazing looking products, in this case they basically award a gigantic shiny bong to whoever is the best team over two matches.

The 2013 version of this competition saw Bayern play host to Manchester City, AC Milan, and Sao Paulo. AC Milan has been an invitee every season to the Audi Cup and I would expect that pattern to continue this year despite the fact that AC Milan currently more closely resembles a dumpster fire than a football club. The 4th and final participant has always been an international club from South America, with Boca Juniors and Internacional pre-dating Sao Paulo's involvement in 2013. Which probably means we'll see a team like Flamengo or River Plate, but I'm holding out personal hope that an MLS side makes the journey.

This will be Bayern's third pre-season competition after the Telekom Cup in mid July and their international trip to China.