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Bayern Munich express interest in Kevin De Bruyne Transfer

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FC Bayern are already looking to improve their midfield with the Wolfsburg man being a target.

Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

In an attempt to bolster their midfield, it appears that Bayern Munich have targeted at least one player that enjoyed ripping the Bavarians to shreds earlier in FC Bayern's biggest loss of the season. That man would be VfL Wolfsburg midfielder Kevin De Bruyne.

According to the the player's agent Patrick De Koster in an interview with British radio station talkSPORT, "Manchester City, Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain have made informal contact with me, but there have been no official offer." De Bruyne is under contract with Wolfsburg until 2019, so any offer for the young Belgium international will have to be quite large to pry him out of Wolfsburg.

As for De Bruyne's opinion in all of this, he's not against a move from Wolfsburg as soon as this summer. "What will happen in the summer I don't know," De Bruyne told Eurosport in an exclusive interview. "As a player it is so stupid to say that I will stay here and then some big club is coming in and offer Wolfsburg a lot of money that they want and they say you can go or something like that."

However, De Bruyne also wanted to make it clear that he's not necessarily looking for a move. "I'm very happy here and I think I will play here next season but I can't give you a 100% guarantee."

This could all be a ploy by De Bruyne and his agent to get a nice, fat raise out of Wolfsburg. Or, all of this interest could be very real, and FC Bayern are moving forward to get their next midfielder.

What do you think? How would Kevin De Bruyne look in the Bayern midfield next season?