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Video: Bayern Munich beat Barcelona, fail to advance in Champions League

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It was not meant to be.

Bayern Munich gave it their all on Tuesday, but they were unable to overturn the big three goal hole they were in after the first leg. FC Bayern beat Barcelona 3-2 on the day, but they still conceded the tie to the Catalans to the tune of a 3-5 scoreline.

Mehdi Benatia's opening goal gave everyone hope; however, Neymar quickly stamped on those hopes with two goals before the end of the half. This meant that Bayern would need five more goals if they wanted to advance. Robert Lewandowski and Thomas Müller answered the call in the second half, but Bayern still fell three goals short of the necessary amount for the comeback.

Before the season ends, Bayern have two Bundesliga matches remaining. Neither of them mean anything in the grand scheme of the season, so it will be interested to see how the games are treated by the team. Will Pep Guardiola use the matches to build some more comradery between the players or will the young kids get a run out to see how they perform against Bundesliga competition?